Online discussions on miscarriages of justice with Dr Bob Moles

Three miscarriages of justice – the cases of Derek Bromley, Sue Neill-Fraser and Kathleen Folbigg – will each be the subject of a one-hour online discussion led by Dr Bob Moles, for the South Australian Workers Educational Association (WEA).

They will each take place at 12.15pm Adelaide time.

Derek Bromley

Wednesday 18 May 2022: Derek Bromley (South Australia) imprisoned now for over 38 years. Whilst his appeal was rejected by the South Australian appeal court, “we are now taking it to the High Court for further review.”


Sue Neill-Fraser

Wednesday 25 May 2022: The case of Susan Neill-Fraser (Tasmania) imprisoned for over 13 years. This case was also rejected by the appeal court and is also proceeding to the High Court for further review.


Kathleen Folbigg

Wednesday 1 June 2022: The case of Kathleen Folbigg (New South Wales) imprisoned for the deaths of her four babies. Over 150 world-leading experts say the babies dies of natural causes, not murder. So why is she still in prison?

Dr Bob Moles

There is a small charge for participation, so each person will need to log in to the WEA website, do a word-search for “Moles” and the details of each discussion and the link to register will be provided.

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8 Responses to Online discussions on miscarriages of justice with Dr Bob Moles

  1. Owen allen says:

    I must say this, the Sue Neill-Fraser case, is not just an injustice to Sue, a one off. Tasmania operates like this across the board. Totalatarian Corruption.
    Yeah Baby.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Jelena – and it is a whole lot more than “one-too-many”. Yes we need a Criminal Cases Review Commission urgently. Mary

  2. Owen allen says:

    I would like to add if I may. Risdon Maximum Prison was no easy street because I had a couple of friends from Ashley Boys home. A stabbing murderer must have been incited to, or just for his own ego try and break my mind through fear in the prison showers, where 40 men are locked in. But it may have helped after a few days when he recognised my mindset and the other guy also that befriended me.
    And these guys had serious convictions. They had been cast out from society as children. And we were Outlaws as immigrants,
    I can not get over the pain inflicted on me in 14 years in Tasmania, and I have been involved so long, my head is a mess, still, I do not know what to do, fight to death in misery or walk away. I can not walk away.

  3. Owen allen says:

    Nice work Noeline, yes I have spoken out about Ashley. I was befriended by some ex Ashley Boys in Risdon Prison, I was a clean skin until Tasmania turned on me, and Risdon Maximum was my first prison experience at age 40.
    One friend was 52, 26 years incarceration, in and out of prison since Ashley and society wonders why. As a night shift taxidriver in Hobart I witnessed police training taking place with new grads on the street. I saw a female cop assault a young female on a Friday or Sat night. Maybe the girl had a loose lip, but police a ssault is police assault. The corruption and perversion of justice in Tasmania is, as time rolls on and more people speak out, as is bad as I have always been saying, and Mr R McDonald, well known by Tasmanian Police and Politicians in the 90’s leading up to Port Arthur Massacre, and later New York 9/11.
    It truly is obscene, but ” they ” do not care, deny, deny, deny.

  4. Noeline Durovic says:

    Andrew and Bob , What if you, as a person is uncivilisedly, cruelly persecuted unjustly fitted up with false evidence?
    Framed by so called officialdom?
    By societies “Law” whom are portrayed as meant to be decent- reasonable honest persons?
    However some are not?
    For I as an ancient have lived it first hand!
    Greed – Power – placement and baggage luged on corruptly especially seeking higher public purse riches and trappings..
    Bad and rotten; Police/ DPP(S) Justice Regimes.Judiciaries and Politicians?
    Creeps – still vicious from the ninety’s bullying and manifestly notching up worst deeds even today????
    Still a line up whom trampled ‘the law’ acting ruthlessly as criminals!
    Graft and Corruption know thy name!
    Persecuting in all evil, unreasonably, dishonesty, destructively so maliciously perverting justice! Sending innocent persons fitted up to prison framing them by form know of them by many! As innocent people never give in to corruption!
    Sadly I know, too many vulnerable and innocents suffered the cruelty of being accused wrongly?
    Suddenly incarcerated they face real fear – anguish – human rights loss – mental stress and insufferable failures of family -home work and friends!
    They are dehumanised. Why?
    An endurance to the soul commands destruction unnecessary to the person whose life is now victimised in stark grave starkness! – Found guilty of criminally crimes they did not do, nor seek to do? Justice then denied; fails in all and every respect!
    Victimisation to an innocent person wrongly convicted with in the harshness of a wrongful conviction crushes life never to be regained!
    Those whom fit and frame innocent persons unlawfully are criminals in all their intent!
    Then there is the brutality in Tasmania:
    As such so, the worst of the worst are those of the dark and ugly ‘keepers of young offenders in the Tasmanian so called now notorious ‘Ashley’s’ Youth Detention Centre..
    ‘Prison Action Reform reported Brutal Rapes – Acts of Brutal Violence – Misuse by authoritarian ugliness and violence?
    Many of us reported it..A small pittance we assisted.. – so sad we could do so little!!!.
    However I would say what they endured would mean only a reprieve!
    All would never be whole again as what they suffered we probably did not know the half of it!
    Especially the viciousness and evil cruelty, upon those vulnerable children!!!
    So much sadness to children never being a child?
    So much horror and violence in Ashleys to children innocent placed their “like Flotsam” they became unwanted ?
    They were all children!!!
    A pox on those authorities whom enabled two decades more plus of brutalised children to be sexually abused …So many lives destroyed!
    The greatest gift to our society is a child..Too many children need us today!

  5. Jelena Rosic says:

    It is simply a moral imperative – over and above a criminal justice matter – for a Criminal Cases Review Commission to be established in Australia to provide independent oversight, review and correction of the one-too-many egregious wrongful convictions that have occurred in Australia.

    Not least of which because of the devastation that is wreaked upon the innocent and their long suffering families.

  6. Owen allen says:

    Great Work Andrew and Dr Bob.
    I was freaking out, you came across. Please let me tell you about Dr Bob.
    Dr Bob initiated the motorcycle club Life and Death. They are now declared a criminal organisation. I worked in a factory, and a fellow working in the factory was a member of Life and Death MC.
    He was my best man at my wedding.

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