Tasmanian justice system self-harmed

Andrew L. Urban.

Tasmania’s justice system is taking a battering all of its own making as the truth bubbles to the surface in the much debated and badly miscarried Sue Neill-Fraser case. In denial for a decade about the validity of a stranger’s DNA at the crime scene, the police and the DPP insisted the murderer was Neill-Fraser … the DNA meant nothing. But now they see their case crumble publicly and people are none too happy with the job they have done. Just read what is being said about them.

Confessing that she was an eye witness to the murder (8.30pm, Sunday, March 10, 2019, Channel Nine) which did not involve Sue Neill-Fraser, Meaghan Vass

Meaghan Vass (fb 2019)

proves what so many have been saying, writing and thinking for years: this is a dreadful, wrongful conviction.

The following comments are typical of those sent to us in relation to the Neill-Fraser case, responding to the articles, books and tv programs that all find her conviction a travesty of justice. (story background)

Dr Kristine Klugman President, Civil Liberties Australia
FINALLY the truth comes out – a decade too late for Sue..
Mainland judges for the appeal, and a commission of inquiry into the Tasmanian “justice” system are essential.

Margaret O’Callaghan
TasPol – why has it taken a dedicated film maker, journos, retired police and authors to come up with what should have been obvious from the beginning?  How much government money has been expended on hiding the evidence and harassing witnesses? Tas-mania indeed. Utterly shameful.

“cops perverting the course of justice”

Pat O’shannessy
Absolute travesty. It should be the cops in the cover up being charged with perverting the course of justice.

Sharon Malley
This is unbelievable corruption. The premier, states attorney and the police involved in this case should be sacked. The federal government need to act on this corruption. No Australian should stand for this kind of injustice in any state. Let’s speak up. Let’s get Sue Neil Frasier freed and let’s get to the truth.

Nivannii Rose
Too much doubt to convict Sue. What was the jury paid to be that obtuse?? Obvious the premier is being either obtuse, paid or threatened. Tasmanian police and politics are a laughing stock and I feel embarrassed to call myself Australian.

Greg Martin
What can I do as a individual to help this poor family from the injustice of this corrupt government & police, it is truly unbelievable & they need to be bought to account.

… the truth needs to be told, this is Australia 2019;  we would hope our police enforcement & justice system are better than this, disgusted.

Kathleen Nash
I greatly admire Colin and Eve’s attempts to right an horrific wrong. You can see that it’s taken a toll on their health.   It makes me ill to see that Tasmania’s sitting government is working with their Police and utilising their powers to shut down members of Colin and Eve’s team thus shutting down what this team has uncovered. It is like a fictional movie and like in a movie, during the final episode, I was waiting for the murderers of a Bob and the corrupt Police to be arrested while Colin and Eve’s team celebrated the quashing of Sue’s conviction. But alas, no. This did not occur. What now? Surely someone powerful will intervene, won’t they?????

This is corruption of the highest order. How far exactly will the authorities go to cover incompetence and malpractice. I fear for the life of Vass. She holds the key to the corruption. The extent the authorities have gone so far,  ? Happen

“what is going on here”

Rod Hurley
I can’t believe how bad things are in Tasmania, after watching every episode of undercurrent it’s just unbelievable. I thought this case had a very bad smell about it after watching Colin mclaren interview a retired senior Hobart detective. Did he jog 10 km to get there? This gentleman during this interview drank 2 jugs of water, developed a itch that he couldn’t for the life of him get rid of, and couldn’t sit still in his chair, all the while really struggling to answer any question with any confidence. For someone who spent a lifetime interviewing criminals he shaw looked nervous sitting across the table from Colin. From that point on I think most of Australia thought “what is going on here” during this series Colin said that Megan vass is “holding a big bag of secrets” Well in my option the Tasmanian police force is holding a even bigger one.

Looks like corruption goes further up the chain than just the Tasmanian police and Meaghan is under the influence of that cop who she’s clearly terrified of.   I just hope this poor girl is safe and protected by the bikie gang. She is so tormented by this, so I think it’s safe to deduce that there’s so much more at stake here.  I truly hope the whole truth does comes out and Sue is released & cleared of all charges and all those covering this up and responsible for Bob’s death are locked up for a very long time!  Else, what’s the point of having a justice system.

“ensure that a Royal Commission takes place”

Julie Bloxsom
What can we do to help free this innocent woman from jail and this nightmare?  Signing the petition – done – however what pressure can we as caring Australians put on the current government to ensure that a Royal Commission takes place. I am happy to fly to Tassie to help in any way I can.

Paul Rudwick
It is very clear that Sue’s case is not just about a murder trial but a trial of our entire justice system. When our highest ranking public government and police officials so blatantly pervert the course of justice to protect their corrupt infrastructure and the reputations built through it, we the people who put them in office have a moral duty to our children to eradicate these people from ever being able to inflict their insidious crimes against our  society. These corrupt officials inflict crimes against truth, justice, honor, innocence, and everything that our judicial system is supposed to stand for, which has far more reaching affects than a simple murder.

How do they explain Megan’s blood (sic) found on the boat?  This proves she was there, doesn’t it?  This is so sad for all of us, who do we trust or believe in anymore.  Not the Church, not the police, and not even the State Premier or Attorney General.  There is no way they could read that report/White Paper and not agree that something is wrong with this case.  It is scary, and very sad. God help us.

“3rd world handling of an extremely public case”

Marc wirtel
Just astounded by the apparent level of cover ups at the highest levels of government in Tasmania regarding this case ?? Has over tones of the Qld Government back in the 1980’s under Joh Bjelke-Petersen !!
Tasmanians in general must be embarrassed & appalled by these seemingly 3rd world handling of an extremely public case that has cover up written all over it ??  Persons legally involved in uncovering the truth are being arrested??
That’s just pure stand over tactics which I would have thought was behind us this century ??

Dear oh dear….after watching Episode 6 of Undercurrent the simple question that needs to be asked REPEATEDLY, UNTIL THERE IS ACTION, is why is nobody in  law enforcement or government in Tasmania concerned about the search for the truth in the disappearance of Bob Chappell ? It isn’t as though there have not been enough opportunities presented to act on the shakiness and flaws in the conviction of Susan Neill – Fraser. Where is the decency, integrity, transparency and duty to properly administer justice? Where is the Tas Premier, DPP and Solicitor General now?

It is my view that Damien, whomever he may be, needs to be questioned under oath.

I AM DISGUSTED, DISMAYED AND ENRAGED THAT SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE SUFFERED AND ENDED UP AS COLLATERAL DAMAGE IN WHAT LOOKS TO BE AN ORCHASTRATED COVER UP. Justice in Tasmania? – in my mind, in this case, it is beyond reasonable doubt that there isn’t any!


Not to be overlooked is the reliance on the pure speculation introduced by the Director of Public Prosecutions into the SN-F Court Trial.This new low having been accepted by the presiding Supreme Court Judge, does not augur well for the credibility nor the confidence in the Tasmanian System of Justice.

William Griffin
The Tasmanian legal system will do anything to make this go away the reason I believe is this case is the tip of the iceberg. … this level of corruption is not isolated to this case alone. Costing Millions and possibly some criminal charges against police and legal people

“time to fix this mess Mr Hodgman”

As the chorus grows louder and louder, the cracks will start to form, the creaks will become rumbles, the rumbles thunder, until the silent can remain silent no longer, and the mountain of lies and deceit will go crashing down.,

The vested interests in this case have a lot to answer for, the Police for their rudimentary investigation, the Judiciary for gaoling a seemingly innocent person, and Tasmanian DPP for not acting sooner, while a woman counts away the days of her life in a prison cell. Do the Police really have to resort to Mafia style tactics to intimidate a film crew, how shoddy. This will be exposed in  any future examination of the facts, the last thing they need.

Well done Colin and Eve and team for your exhaustive investigation, Im sure we are only seeing a small part of your work on Undercurrent.

As a convict tatoo once read “May the sun never set on the cottage of the slave, nor rise on the palace of the tyrant.”

There’s tyrants at work here protecting their interests, and keeping those responsible for this crime walking our streets. What could be so bad about bringing these people to justice. TasPol either had a number done on them or chose an easy target. Isn’t it time to fix this mess Mr Hodgman.

Sue should be released immediately Blind freddy can see that a terrible injustice has happened here And she should be compensated enough money by the pathetic tassie police force so that she never has to work another day in her life It doesnt surprise me that this happened in Tassie

Catherine OBrien
An horrific injustice just so incompetent heirarchy can save their careers.  Breaking though the barriers has been courageous and one can only hope Sue is saved and those who sent her to rot reap the consequences of their actions.

Gordon Pullman
Incredulous that the police themselves are protecting the criminals. Unless this is corrected by the police and legal teams to get Sue Neill Fraser another fair trial, Australia will continue to be tainted by this kind of corrupt police force. Isn’t there ONE honest person on the force that wants to do the right thing? SHAME ON THEM.

“ashamed of our police and judicial system”

Tracey Forbes
How is such head in the sand operations possible in Australia  ??? There is a lady’s Life at stake here. It’s cases like this that makes me ashamed of our police and judicial system. If there is a lead FOLLOW IT UP. Don’t railroad someone because it’s convenient. We are not a third world country !!! Tasmania is making us look like one. How is it possible that they are allowed to get away with it.

The production (Undercurrent), despite its misgivings, is incredibly important. If nothing else, it highlights the disastrous flaws in criminal investigation and judicial processes to which we are all subject.

And coming to you now, from that 4th world continent, breaking news:- the scapegoat has copped the blame, has been in jail a good 10 years of her life, but them’s the breaks in a foreign country with dictator government and police state… don’t think we’ll see her again, more’s the pity, because if you read the transcript, it’s all there – she’s been set-up!!!!!
I’d advise sticking to your travels in Australia, you’re safe there!!!
That is, MAINLAND Australia!!!

“ruining the reputation of your State”

Don Miller
My wife and I have visited Tasmania for 2 weeks every winter for the last 10 years, HOWEVER we will NOT step foot there again until Sue is released.

WE don’t wish to visit a corrupt area of the deep South of the US , we want to enjoy the wonderful places and people of Tasmania where truth and integrity are paramount. Can I plead with the residents of Tasmania at the next elections to discard the politicians that are currently ruining the reputation of your State.


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13 Responses to Tasmanian justice system self-harmed

  1. Roger Ward says:

    What’s new? Tasmania has long protected the corrupt, the perverted, and the bought and paid for politicians, police, clergy, and more. It’s a closed shop and most Tasmanians with a brain know it. A serving cop offered the chance to resign or face charges? And did resign and still kept his pension. A incorruptible cop driven to a total mental breakdown because he wouldn’t toe the line and be corrupt. A serving prison officer involved in the murder of an individual and then, with the help of corrupt police and officials, claiming and getting that person’s estate.

  2. Kerry says:

    In reply to your question Julie B ..what can we do ..We can arange Marches of protest in every capital city .Let Australia not forget the pursuit of justice for one so wrongfully convicted.

  3. Kerry says:

    The onus is on. ..until proven guilty ..The novelist who wrote Bob Chappels disappearance…presumed dead had a field day with his or her imagination leading to a crime slueth eventful ending and this BS was fed to the Court jurors and our fellow Australians placing an innocent woman in jail
    Appeal after appeal has failed so the justice system and Govternment have had plenty of opportunities to review the case .10 years of this woman’s life can not be replaced .
    Free her on bail whilst a Royal Commission is conducted .Every single day she has spent wrongfully in prison has a dollar amount acrueable for compensation.
    The Tasmanian Government would save some taxpayers dollars .God knows how much this farce has cost so far.

  4. MM says:

    lol @ Kevin… how many children do you know understand ‘onus of proof’ or ‘Actus reus’??? Hardly any adults who are not schooled in law can even get their heads around it!

  5. Peter James says:

    Unfortunately, we are all guilty until proven innocent.

  6. Kerry says:

    Sue Neil Fraser is not the only victim …Meghan Vass has been living her life in torture and fear ….she was only 15 years old when she witnessed the attack and has lived in fear ever since.
    The whole incident caused her to vomit on bourd the yacht and the DNA plus 2 rags with vomit on them were absent from the court evidence ..She has now named the 2 men who murdered Bob Chappell but I haven’t heard on the news yet of their arrest..perhaps if the authorities wait another 2 weeks it will enable them to escape to the mainland Australia ….they then will possibly pronounce she made it all up to save their red faces.Disgusting travesties committed by bumbling incompetent officials.
    Tasmania has obviously tried to cover up their unintelligent actions but have just made copious idiots of themselves….FREE SUE NEIL FRASER ON BAIL NOW !

    • MM says:

      I’m glad you raised the same concern I did. Murderers are quite possibly on the loose and it’s the very last thing TASpol are concerned about

  7. Robert says:

    The second paragraph in the statement by MM says it all. Australia is in dire straits unless it alters dramatically its police recruiting, training, and operational practices. The Tassie experience is but an example of how widespread the insidious cultures of venality and collusion are, and unless the cultures are reversed our nation will regress to depths of crime only seen in the darkest days of the now exposed Melbourne underbelly criminal gang wars.

    • MM says:

      We cannot claim that many have not already tried to recommend better practices to deal with certain cultures evident in law enforcement – Justices Woods, Fitzgerald and Mulligan to name a few. And what did our government do? In some cases the records and recommendations have been sealed, some for over 80 years.

      From the Fitzgerald Inquiry were formed the Fitzgerald Principles – an oath of transparency and truthfulness drafted by many senior law makers – which less than 10% of parliamentarians now willingly sign when they take office.

      After the Fitzgerald and Woods inquiries numerous suspected whistleblowers turned up dead, supposedly suicides. Parliament then passed a rule that members could not use parliamentary privilege to raise awareness of any individuals or issues related to members of parliament both past and present.

      After the Mullighan inquiry some 700 implicated civil servants were never investigated and some 600 missing children, identified as potential victims, stayed missing.

      Even the current royal commission into the corruption of the criminal justice system has been laiden with suppression orders.

      Isn’t it ironic that “public” inquiries cannot be made public??

  8. myxo mycetes says:

    this case should never have resulted in a conviction, on the evidence presented in court.
    It confirms the widely held reputation of Tasmanian Police as corrupt and inept. The root cause lies higher up. Only a royal commission can identify and address the causes. Neither major political party has incentive for true justice, either state or national.

    My sympathy to Sue and her family, and to Meaghan – both have been served most poorly by the state. I hope they have sufficient internal resources to survive their experiences.

  9. MM says:

    I hope all the charges of perverting the course of justice laid against every individual involved are dropped now that the truth has finally made it to the light of day – including those who were coerced/tricked/bribed with some type of plea-bargain to switch their pleas to guilty so as to avoid trials.

    This is clearly abuse of power and it is not limited to Tasmania alone. It’s a pandemic corruption that is echoed in every State of Australia.

    Our government has a duty to “Good Governance” in the best interest of the public. Turning a blind eye to this level of widespread corruption within the judicial system is not good governance, it’s just plain willful ignorance.


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