Murder by the Prosecution now on Kindle

Andrew L. Urban’s ‘troubling expose’ (as Margaret Cunneen SC put it) Murder by the Prosecution is now available digitally from the Kindle store, at A$8.55.

Writing in The Spectator Australia (Sept. 22, 2018), Cunneen says: ‘Murder by the Prosecution is engrossing and troubling. Back and forth, the reader is propelled, much as a jury is during the ‘test match’ that a murder trial resembles.

The later stand-alone chapters on other murder trials which have been found to have been unjust stand as sentinels fortifying Urban’s impassioned premise that Susan Neill-Fraser is serving a 23 year sentence for a murder she did not commit. The ethical prosecutor works not for a particular verdict, but for justice to be done. This must be the hope for Susan Neill-Fraser.”

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