Young Liberals President disinvites Bettina Arndt – event cancelled

NSW Young Liberals president Chanum Torres has given no reason for disinviting Bettina Arndt from a panel discussion organised by Sydney University Conservative Club planned for Tuesday, March 19, 2024, which included Chris Merritt, Vice President of the Rule of Law Institute & legal affairs columnist and myself. 

To avoid the appearance that either Merritt personally or the Institute approve of the Torres decision, he has withdrawn and the event has been cancelled.

Chanum Torres

It is a preposterous decision by Torres, made worse by his refusal to explain why he interfered to disinvite Bettina Arndt.

The organisers described the event: “The Brittany Higgins saga has been splashed across the public’s screens for over two years, and it appears as though the truth of the matter is only just starting to unfold. Through this event, we aim bring clarity to and grapple with the complex and never-ending legal battles brought by Brittany, Bruce Lehrmann, Linda Reynolds and Shane Drumgold.”

The Young Libs (not to mention the Liberal party in general) are no doubt grateful that Torres outed himself as woke and muddle headed, unsuitable for any office within the conservative movement, by cancelling Arndt.

How ironic that his clumsy and counterproductive interference should follow so closely the excellent Conservative Club event featuring Tony Abbott and Konstantin Kisin, champions of free speech.








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10 Responses to Young Liberals President disinvites Bettina Arndt – event cancelled

  1. Michael "muddy" Waters says:

    Don’t be so sure Torres doesn’t know exactly what he is doing .

  2. Garry Stannus says:

    Arndt’s take on the matter:

  3. Dee Harris says:

    Disgraceful.. So much for freedom of speech and assembly. Without forums like this we only get one point of view. It takes many to effect change. If those seeking change are muzzled you end up with dictatorship.

    I don’t always agree with Betina Arndt but I respect her knowledge, experience and passion for the human race.

    Sad situation. People who are wrongly convicted even if it is 5% or as high as 15%
    If it is 1% it is a life sentence for some people and their families who never recover from the experience.

    Thankyou for attempting to encourage discussion for real analysis and exchange of ideas.

  4. Don Wakeling says:

    NSW Senator Maria Kovacics has now published her support and praise for Torres’ decision to ban Bettina Arndt and indeed attacking Ms Arndt in the process. The Senator notes that she is designated Liberal Party member to look to the interests of the NSW Young Liberals.
    I’ve emailed her to ask, how, if Torres is not the President or officebearer of the Conservative Club, he can have the authority over that Club from his position as President of NSW Young Liberals?

  5. Don Wakeling says:

    Since my last post I have seen the published names of the Convervative Club’s office bearers for “2023/2024” and Torres’ name is not there. He is listed as a past President of the club in 2018/19.

  6. Don Wakeling says:

    Is the Sydney University Conservative Club a Branch( or, Special Branch) of the NSW Young Liberals? What position does Torres hold on that Club ?By what authority, or, at who’s direction, can Torres control the event . Does the Conservative Club not have some form of board, or office bearers . If so, what do they say about the withdrawal of Bettina Arndt’s invitation ?

  7. JohnTruth says:

    Clown Prince Torres has by his actionsmade himself a laughing stock and in essence a Young Bumblerall.
    IMPO he should defrocked and disenfranchised from any role whatsoever.
    Dork doesn’t even give sufficiently chastening criticism of him
    Oorooh Torres !

  8. Owen Allen says:

    What a shame; maybe some other organisation might like to take it on.
    Here is hoping.

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