Lawfare in Australia – with Chris Merritt and Andrew L. Urban – CANCELLED

A panel discussion followed by Q&A will examine the case of Brittany Higgins v Bruce Lehrman at a free seminar at the University of Sydney, organised by the University’s Conservative Club, on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. 

 The panel will comprise Chris Merritt, Vice President of the Rule of Law Institute & legal affairs columnist and Andrew L. Urban, journalist & author, working with Bruce Lehrmann on his book about his experiences as an alleged rapist.


The organisers describe the event: “The Brittany Higgins saga has been splashed across the public’s screens for over two years, and it appears as though the truth of the matter is only just starting to unfold. Through this event, we aim bring clarity to and grapple with the complex and never-ending legal battles brought by Brittany, Bruce Lehmann, Linda Reynolds and Shane Drumgold.”

Location advised on registration (free)

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9 Responses to Lawfare in Australia – with Chris Merritt and Andrew L. Urban – CANCELLED

  1. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich says:

    Would love to attend , but, unfortunately live far away and builder working on my home . I support justice for men .

  2. D. Harris says:


  3. D Harris says:

    This sounds good. It is needed. This evening in the Telegraph was showing instagram posts and taking the opportunity of that post to outline that Bruce is smiling and laughing with friends whilst his rent is being paid for and every other detail they could add to remind everyone that some still think that he doesn’t deserve recompense and should not be celebrating while Brittany has been in hospital.

    The analysis of the case is needed and I hope it will be streamed or available to view it.

  4. Keith says:

    There are so many girls who experience trauma during their formative years that result in them developing Borderline Personality Disorder. This is very difficult to treat and in many cases, they can be so damaged as to make vexatious claims against others. These should not be confused with genuine cases however it is a very dangerous development in society where innocent people can be readily accused and the authorities are only too willing to pursue following the uprising of the Me Too movement.

  5. Don Wakeling says:

    At the time of posting this comment I am watching a program being aired on NITV complaining that victims of sexual offences are treated unfairly because the Prosecution is obliged, under our existing criminal law, to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt. The program decries this long held tenet of our law on the grounds that it is completely unfairly burdensome to the alleged victim.
    This is legally and morally absurd.
    What these “reformers” require is nothing less than that once any female alleged sexual assault , the man accused shall be found guilty.
    They even go so far as to say that it is cruel, mentally harmful and completely unjust that they should be questioned or cross- examined.
    How can any sane, fair minded person, or group,or public television broadcaster support such lunacy?

  6. Owen Allen says:

    Great, enjoy, I hope it is filmed, we can all learn from this.

  7. VickiT says:

    Any chance it will be livestreamed?

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