Drumgold gone as DPP

Andrew L. Urban.

It didn’t take long. After the first seven days of public hearings at the Board of Inquiry chaired by Walter Sofronoff KC into the handling of the Brittany Higgins allegation of rape against Bruce Lehrmann, its first witness, the DPP Shane Drumgold, was no longer the DPP. He was replaced in his role by his deputy, Anthony Williamson SC. Officially, Drumgold is on leave…

Nobody could be surprised, given the highly embarrassing litany of serious errors of judgement to which he admitted at the inquiry. (See summary)

Shane Drumgold has worked at the DPP office since 2002, and as the Director since 2019. His four year tenure as DPP ended on a sour note, his testimony attracting concerted criticism. He was not even mentioned in the official notice of appointment of Williamson SC; his name just disappeared.


The Inquiry will continue to hold public hearings from Monday May 22, 2023, with another key witness, Detective Inspector Superintendent Moller of ACT Police, author of a key report on the matter, the Moller Report.

The hearings may be viewed in live streaming, including previous days.


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4 Responses to Drumgold gone as DPP

  1. John S says:

    This whole matter raises many issues that are not just about Shane Drumgold. One of them is the Victims of Crime Commissioner, which were also involved in the lead up to the Lehrmann trial. Choosing a victim in that case presupposes who the victim was, I’d say it was both Higgins & Lehrmann, both victims of a bent system. It simply shows how much is presumed based on pre-conceived notions of who the victim is, and therefore not so much a trial as a show trial with the judgment already made!

    The other thing this whole “system” paves the way for is the ego-zealot (=white knight who crusades for truth, justice & the best looking result for their next career move).

    I doubt this matter will ever be fully resolved as the ego-zealots would have a field day playing the victim card for themselves, never mind their assumed victims of crime!

    Perhaps the best answer is to build a glass dome over the ACT with Mark McGowan at the perimeter stopping all traffic in & out! But that would only go over budget & behind time, leaving the RBA to take the blame for it all (like in Victoria)!

    Seriously, all ego zealots are “noble cause” corrupt, and should be charged with appropriate charges. If found guilty, they should have longer sentences than the victims they’ve jailed for years, and pay large fines! That might stop it a bit!

    But I doubt that would ever happen, we’re far to soft on white collar crime here. I still think about moving to Asia, at least cost of living is lower and perhaps the corruption not as bad as it is here!

  2. Brian Johnston says:

    Two universities turned Drumgold down. Why? Now this?

  3. Owen allen says:

    Gone but never forgotten. Dog scum, the first to go; many more on the list, it is not over ’till it’s over, as long as we keep breathing, justice is waiting for us all, and when we stop breathing, justice is still waiting. Amen.
    Great work. Owen.

  4. Steven Fennell says:

    Here a tool, there a tool, looking for Shane Drumgold the total tool.

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