Inquiry into Bruce Lehrmann case begins work

The inquiry into the handling of the Bruce Lehrmann case by ACT police, the DPP and virtually anyone associated with it, can expect to come across a witches brew around the discontinued rape allegation against him by Brittany Higgins;  how it was orchestrated and how it ensnared a number of senior politicians.

Walter Sofronoff KC
(Courier Mail photo)

The board of inquiry has been given a budget of $4.3m to conduct its work and has signalled it will hold as much of its hearings in public as possible. The inquiry head, former judge Walter Sofronoff KC, will be supported by the Queensland silk Erin Longbottom KC and barrister Joshua Jones as senior and junior counsel assisting.

Announced on February 1, 2023, the inquiry has begun preliminary work and will report by June 30, 2023 to the ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr MLA and Attorney-General Shane Rattenbury.



  1. The ACT Government acknowledges the need for public confidence in the criminal justice system in the Australian Capital Territory.
  2. Recent public reporting and commentary in relation to the case of R v Lehrmann and in relation to a letter sent by the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions to the Chief Police Officer, ACT Policing dated 1 November 2022 raise issues that may have wider implications for the prosecution of criminal matters in the Territory.
  3. The ACT Government is concerned to ensure that:
    1. the ACT’s framework for progressing criminal investigations and prosecutions is robust, fair and respects the rights of those involved; and
    2. the ACT’s criminal justice entities work effectively together, and appropriately within their respective statutory frameworks.

 Terms of Reference

  1. The board will inquire into
    1. Whether any police officers failed to act in accordance with their duties or acted in breach of their duties:
    2. in their conduct of the investigation of the allegations of Ms. Brittany Higgins concerning Mr Bruce Lehrmann;
  • in their dealings with the Director of Public Prosecutions in relation to his duty to decide whether to commence, to continue and to discontinue criminal proceedings against Mr Lehrmann in relation to those allegations;
  1. in their dealings with the legal representatives for Mr Lehrmann before, during or after the trial in the matter of R v Lehrmann;
  2. in their provision of information to any persons in relation to the matter of R v Lehrmann.
  3. If any police officers so acted, their reasons and motives for their actions.
  4. Whether the Director of Public Prosecutions failed to act in accordance with his duties or acted in breach of his duties in making his decisions to commence, to continue and to discontinue criminal proceedings against Mr Lehrmann.
  5. If the Director of Public Prosecutions so acted, his reasons and motives for his actions.
  6. The circumstances around, and decisions which led to the public release of the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions’ letter to the Chief Police Officer of ACT Policing dated 1 November 2022.
  7. Whether the Victims of Crime Commissioner acted in accordance with the relevant statutory framework in terms of support provided to the complainant in the matter of R v Lehrmann.
  8. Any matter reasonably incidental to any of the above matters.



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7 Responses to Inquiry into Bruce Lehrmann case begins work

  1. Father Ted Whalensky says:

    DOES any person down the pub tell me they have confidence in the Justice System in any Jurisdiction in Australia ? Does happen ! Not justice dear reader- OH NO-the odd moron who thinks the Justice System is Hunky Dory–We settle the rights and wrongs of this intellectual discussion in the car park. ( I’m a bit of a pugilist) . As in the quest for victory in Australian Courts-I use the “KING HIT” method ! Cheating and sneaky ! Which deliverance of JUSTICE would they wish to discuss ? Darryl Beamish ? Sue SNF ? Ray Bailey ? Lindy and Michael Chamberlain ? Here is a better idea- type in your informational machine -“40 years in prison then found innocent” make ya puke ! Any punishment for the conniving swine who achieved the Wrongful Conviction ? Come bloody off the grass ?

    • Ted says:

      Sorry- didn’t mention Derek Bromley- have the PARAGONS of wisdom and virtue reached any decision-1 million per year Compensation-and also as a penalty to the SA Taxpayers. No penalty of course for the swine that kept using the halfwitted expert- he gave them the conviction they sought in their quest for Justice- 🤮 🤮 !

      • Father Ted Whalensky says:

        THERE are some decent thoughtful people in Australia (and the World) Very Very Few of them are in “THE SYSTEM”.
        Take a gander at the Halfwitted Rejections of Appeals for Justice–Please Your Majestic Ones-Let me out of prison-
        i didn’t done nuffen ! I sentence you to 7 years in the Colonies ( hooray) or 40 years in prison ( Derek Bromley) Maybe you would prefer to be hung by the neck in South bloody Australia ? (Size 5 shoe poor littleRay Bailey) A Queensland Police HERO got poor ray murdered-hung by the State ! Sometimes their head comes off ! These Rejectionees and being Told to “GET STUFFED”– the likes of Derek Bromley are delivered Justice by the Hot Shots of the Legal Profession- These are people with either no sense of justice or the moral values of a Queensland Cane Toad ! Maybe the brainpower of a budgee ? And while we are having a melt down- how about the MORONIC Rejections- No justice for You MY Dear- Sue SNF and that lovely young Lady Lindy Chamberlai- Took the Paragons 30 years to ADMIT her total Innocents -never did appologise to Michael for pretty well wrecking his life- an Appology to any wrongfully convicted innocent person would STICK IN THEIR TROATS ! Like their dailey rib eye fillet ! These persons in the Justice System are not the CREAM- they are the SKIM MILK !

        • Ted Whalensky says:

          My poor spelling is pointed out to me after my rant– by “She who Must be Obeyed”–One can see ones poor decisions nearly as one makes them- and upon reflection-How about them Appeals Court Judges-Lying in a comfy bed- duck feathers and latex- digesting their Rib Fillet and Penfolds-OH MY GOD- What have I done ? I didn’t drop off the Mercedes for its service ! Derek Bromley- who dat ? I was learnt English in Westbrook ( and violence). Some of it has stood me in good stead–When a legal eagle tells me ” you won’t win they lie their effing guts out”- makes sense to me ! All part of the Skim Milk System ?

  2. Ross Cameron says:

    The Terms of Reference above, if true jump, from 1 & B, plus a bullet point again to 1 further on.

    Hopefully the “Terms of Reference” will include the DPP and the lady in every Press conference hanging on his every words, supporting the “Case”. I forget her role, but I believe that she is a Government employee.

  3. Williambtm says:

    Andrew, my mind tells me that the Lehrmann case in its gaining its discontinuance may have been before the retirement date of Mick Fuller, former NSW “Colourful” Police Commissioner.

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