MoJ Seminar in Hobart, November 24, 2022

Legal professionals, politicians, police and the public have a chance to hear how the criminal justice system sausage is made at a seminar “Lifting the Lid on Miscarriages of Justice.”

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Three leading legal figures will review miscarriages of justice in Australia and around the world and discuss how and why some people are let down by the justice system.

Stuart Tipple – has practised as a solicitor primarily in New South Wales since 1978. He represented Lindy and Michael Chamberlain at their trial and subsequent appeals. While representing the Chamberlains, Stuart set up the Chamberlain Innocence Committee, and successfully applied for the establishment of a Royal Commission.

Bob Moles – eminent legal academic, researcher and principal of Networked Knowledge. He is published extensively on issues relating to miscarriages of justice. Bob is seeking the establishment of an Australian Criminal Case Review Commission
(CCRC) of the type established in the UK. He advised Canadian authorities on the establishment of a CCRC in that country.

Bibi Sangha – Bibi Sangha, lecturer in law at Flinders University of South Australia was previously lecturer in law at the Australian National University in Canberra. Bibi has extensive experience in both teaching and writing in contract, commercial and corporate law, with particular interests in relation to miscarriages of justice.

Charles Wooley – Award winning journalist Master of Ceremonies.

Q & A session will follow the speakers’ presentations.

24 November 2022 | Thursday | 5:30pm for 6pm start
Lifting the lid on miscarriages of justice
Location: The Old Woolstore Hotel, Merino room, Macquarie Street, Hobart.
$25 registration includes welcome drink & finger food.
Enquiries to:
Tel: 0407 547 785

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11 Responses to MoJ Seminar in Hobart, November 24, 2022

  1. Robert Greenshields says:

    I would quite like to sit in on this discussion by recognised authorities, but time and a geographical dislocation restrain me.
    Most recently I had the opportunity to sit in on a show/discussion in Tamworth NSW by a one time much acclaimed NSW detective. It was educational for me as I have followed with interest, and concern, the cultures and practices of policing officers in particular for many decades now, and though feeling a bit like a religious/political/or downed flier escaping, fleeing, from Nazi controlled Europe in the 1940s, hiding in the back of a hay filled cart, stopped at a military or Gestapo security checkpoint, waiting for the inevitable thrust from a rifle fitted sharpened bayonet, spearing, searching and probing to define my presence, I attempted to glean as much as I was capable of from the experience .
    To me the audience seemed likely partisan and dominated by employees/associates, or past employees of NSW authorities, many of whom probably would have seen and witnessed, then possibly complied to the inadequacy, venal behaviour, and deceit still undeniably active within governing organisations and administrations to this day.
    One group within the audience though was connected to families and the community of Bowraville NSW, where three young persons of first nation heritage, disappeared within a relatively short time frame, and their remains were in turn eventually discovered, following initial professionally pitiful investigations by prior members of the NSW police force. An individual was finally charged and taken before the courts, but legal processes freed him; given the now public evidence exposed through court processes by the ex detective, who was the centre of the show, I could not help but think again of “wrongful convictions”, but also of “wrongful non convictions”. Other sections of the evening expanded upon the actively ongoing William Tyrrell tragedy, along with many no less important incidents entwined during his more than three decades in the NSW police force, prior to his career being abruptly bought to an end, (charged and found guilty of a crime), following an obvious falling out with superior officers.
    After listening to the one time Detective Chief Inspector as he outlined his eventual career concluding treatment by higher ranking officers, I felt his treatment amounted to nothing less than another form of psychological terrorism, and again I thought of more recent incidents where the weaponising of vehicles and terrain by policing officers had been taken to the deadly extreme in the field, in the form of acceptable operational practices. I thought that if the executive of the NSW police would so obviously attempt to psychologically terrorise one of their very own, into a status of conforming obsequious submission, (a commissioned officer who had been promoted through their very own in house system of stratification to within reach of the supposed distinguished positions of Commissioner), what hope is there for the unclassified, non stratified, generalised members of any community who do not have over bearing influences in support to protect them, especially those considered “soft heads” by the active members of policing, and their corrupted cohorts?
    Food for thought, resultant discussion, and ongoing action will be among the eventual realities that in turn frees the likes of Sue Neill Fraser and other innocents from the depravity of institutionalised brutality and injustice, so continue to maintain the faith, and the rage, and good luck with everything connected to the evening meeting in Tasmania.

    • Father Ted Whalensky says:

      IT is as a matter of interesr- the treatment handed to Mendolsohn Miller-: the NSW POLICEYMANS “Whose Lot was not a happy one”- refused to lie as required- so as to convict an innocent mug punter ! Society is going down hill fast when the Policeymens Hierarchy can’t rely on an underling to lie his guts out ! Next thing ya know- evidence won’t be fabricated or concealed ! ( blue cloth). Blood residual when there is none in boat and under car dash . Knives dropped near crime scenes-Conjured up eye witnesses – There is no point having “THE POWER” and not being able to abuse IT – do the “little people” over- murdering Aboriginals is one of the perks along with “trivial traffic trials” in suburban kangaroo courts ! The Magistrate and Police Prosecutor have a good laugh over that moron thinking that truth will triumph –conniving wins OK.-FUN FUN ! The power-The power —
      Revolting little creatures ! Ray Bailey’s grand children are waiting for an Appology- The South Australian Guvment murdered Gran Daddy- Recently shown on prime time TV-the slaughter of unconscious piggies–I want to see the Gloating Policeymens Video of poor little Ray hanging on a rope- apparently his head came off ! Trouble is–even a half witted Policeymens cursory glance would see Poor Ray did not done IT. Personally I’m waiting nearly 70 years for an Appology– the glories of The Gutless Queensland Juvenile detention system -Can’t even spell proper ! Just don’t forget-what happens to a Cop who refuses to lie !

  2. Don Wakeling says:

    Maybe the Chief Justice could be invited and explain his disgraceful conduct of the jury trial that caused, along with Persecutor Ellis, this whole perversion of the criminal legal system.

  3. James Plevick says:

    One doesn’t need a “seminar” to get to the bottomof this problem. The answer is simple.
    In the Adversarial system of law, truth is incidental, winning is the thing.
    End of story.

  4. Jelena Rosic says:

    A real shame it’s not being live streamed for those of us who live in other states!

    • Joe Steven says:

      The seminar will be filmed for the Sue Is Innocent YouTube channel. We had considered live streaming, but the tech arrangement is for that is complex…if it is to be professionally done.

  5. Keith says:

    Let’s hope Elise Archer is invited and attends. I’m happy to pay for her registration.

    • Fiona Peate says:

      I understand that all state politicians have been invited.

      • Joe Steven says:

        …and their resounding silence is extremely telling! What a missed opportunity for them to be on right side of history, sigh.

      • Don Wakeling says:

        Has Simon Gates, former President of Law Socialisers, and prosecution biased ,so-called “laywer”, been invited ?

        • Garry Stannus says:

          Don: Naughty! Please show a little respect to those who would steer our Tasmanian Ship of State – I wouldn’t want you to contribute to the ongoing ebb of our citizenry’s trust in the Tasmanian Powers-That-Be … or would I?

          ‘What’s that, Simon … I can’t hear you well…

          ‘Did you say ‘breakers ahead’ or ‘lawyers in dread’?’

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