Bruce Lehrmann was ammunition for war on Morrison

Channel 7’s Spotlight (June 4, 2023) interview with Bruce Lehrmann not only gave him a chance to firmly and publicly deny the rape allegations against him by Brittany Higgins, but revealed the plot in which he was the ammunition for the Higgins weapon against Morrison. “We’ve got him,” she boasts. 

The unravelling of the Higgins/Sharaz campaign to “get” then Prime Minister Scott Morrison continues, with this morning’s front page. Wrapped inside the the rape allegation was the ultimate objective: political sabotage.

The front page story by Janet Albrechtsen and Stephen Rice in today’s The Australian tells it like this:

A tranche of previously unseen text messages between Brittany Higgins and her boyfriend David Sharaz has revealed the pair planned to directly enlist the help of senior Labor figures to pursue Ms Higgins’ rape allegation and her claim the Coalition government covered it up.

The texts reveal Mr Sharaz arranging “drops” for favoured reporters, organising meetings with Labor MPs to bolster support for Ms Higgins’ claims of a cover-up by the Coalition government and disparaging former prime minister Scott Morrison, saying “I still hate the c…”.

Ms Higgins says: “He’s about to be f..ked over. Just wait. We’ve got him”. 

The texts reveal Mr Sharaz, a former journalist, boasting of his special relationship with now-Finance Minister Katy Gallagher. On February 11, 2021, four days before Ms Higgins appeared on The Project to detail her claims, Mr Sharaz messaged her: “Katy is going to come to me with some questions you need to prepare for … She’s really invested now ha ha.”

Mr Sharaz: “Yep! I gave her [The Project] interview for context. I hope that’s okay? She’s not doing anything with it. But I’m also happy to step out and let her talk to you if you want. Basically, I wanted her to get all the context because it’s so complicated.” Ms Higgins: “That’s fine. It’ll all be public pretty soon anyway haha.”

Disclosure: Andrew L. Urban has been invited to assist Bruce Lehrmann with writing a book about his experiences in this affair.

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14 Responses to Bruce Lehrmann was ammunition for war on Morrison

  1. Don Wakeling says:

    Is it known who actually made the decision to give the $3M to her? On what legal basis can that process be held by Government from the taxpaying public?

    • andrew says:

      All that has been reported is that the Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus, exercised his discretion to approve the payment… As for withholding it from the public, they can make any number of excuses, including privacy.

  2. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich says:

    Set’s a bad precedent—-accuse someone of rape without any proof–get coached by the media about what to say on TV—and get a big payout ! For WHAT ? Meanwhile Bruce has his reputation destroyed . That’s NOT justice ! ?

    • Nola Scheele says:

      Bruce Lehrmann didn’t help his reputation when he didn’t go on the witness stand to defend himself, any man accused of rape would want to be heard.

  3. Steven Low says:

    This is dirty politic. We are becoming like the USA. Someone should be jail for creating all this mess.

  4. Jerry Fitzsimmons says:

    What I find astonishing is the compensatory payment that was made so quickly to a person who made an allegation of “rape” and yet no court case to prove or disprove this allegation.
    Surely must be the fastest political payment passed of all time!!!
    I did write in an earlier post about about the “political heavy-hitters” being involved in this matter but had no idea when I was writing that of the shenanigans that we are now hearing all about involving texts, phone messages etc etc from and to in most part the now exposed “political heavy-hitters.
    The honeymoon for the government must be looking shaky unless “Albo” acts to deal with those implicated JUST as quickly me thinks!
    So much yet to uncover I believe and possibly the ‘Sofronoff KC report’ may go some way towards that!
    Haven’t said this for some time but “Watch this space”.

  5. Father Ted Whalensky says:

    White mischief shenanigans mendacity silly high spirited manoeuvres
    skulduggery underhanded unscrupulous behaviour and activities situationally destabilising – reminiscent of Question Time in The House of ILL REPUTATIONS .

  6. Julie says:

    Makes Canberra politics look like a vile cesspit!
    To think of the millions of taxpayer money the current government gave Ms Higgins for her proven lies.
    A total fiasco

  7. Owen allen says:

    If this is true, WTF, where the f are we as a society.
    Dirty public toilets in a local area are a representative of the local council. No public toilets on the Nullabor represent Australia to International Tourists as a Third World Country. This behaviour in Canberra is nothing less than Third World. Shame, shame, shame. I would rather die a poor man than get tangled up in this.

  8. Brian Johnston says:

    Was there a rape at all?
    Did Higgins make the whole story up?
    Did consensual sex take place?
    Did consensual sex become rape?

    A lot of questions need answering
    If Higgins made the whole thing up. Gaol?

  9. Moni says:

    Plus the 5hrs of coaching courtesy of Lisa Wilkins!!!

    The question I would like answered is – was there any cleanup in Linda Reynolds bathroom and couch?

    I would like to see the footage of Ms Higgins leaving the office and Parliament House.

    Boom! Katy Gallagher can tell pork pies!

    How stupid of Scomo to apologise! Apologise for what?

    • Julie says:

      Yes, Linda Reynolds ‘ ministerial office was cleaned on the weekend morning in question.

      • Donna Harris says:

        Remember nothing was reported until security notified of late night entry by 2 persons. On the Monday. The office was cleaned Sunday. Rape allegations came after Bruce was dismissed I believe nearly 2 weeks later.

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