Danocracy in Victoria – on the record in Battleground Melbourne

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews truncated democracy with his repressive (mis)management of the Covid response. It’s hard to believe what was done to people protesting Covid-driven restrictions of their freedoms – but seeing Battleground Melbourne is believing. It’s a reminder and a warning … 

Narrated and directed by journalist Topher Field, and featuring gritty, real life footage of protests and police repression mixed with interviews with freedom fighters including sitting Members of Parliament, police officers who had resigned, illegal protest organisers, and journalists arrested doing their job. Wrongful arrests and excessive police violence against citizens who are neither terrorists nor criminals seems to have been imported from dictatorships. Democracy was corrupted into Danocracy.

Field is a veteran Political Commentator with 12 year history of political commentary and decades of TV and film production experience, and now an award-winning Documentary Director.

Away from the street battles in Victoria, patient records were seized from surgeries without a warrant. Kangaroo courts banned experienced doctors from practising for diverging from the official Covid line.

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4 Responses to Danocracy in Victoria – on the record in Battleground Melbourne

  1. John S says:

    What’s worse, Dan now has new laws in place that are turnkey for the next time. What next, martial law?

    I resigned from a minor party that supported Dan’s laws through the Upper House, in disgust. The party concerned were blissfully unaware of the impact of their support. I wonder how many politicians are ever impacted directly from their own laws anyway.

    I pointed out to that party that such laws could play into the hands of a future Jeff Kennett (I don’t think Dan was willfully mean, but another Jeff could be). Their answer: there’s a review after 6 months of the law’s use. Again, ignorant of the fact that such laws can do much harm in just 6 months, and that such reviews are often a whitewash that simply justifies their actions (we had to be mean). Glad I left them!

  2. Father Ted Whalensky says:

    Owen–after being molested by a Policeyman when I was 9– now excessive Policeymens Violence–there is something I don’t like bout the TYPE ! At least moderate the violence– just a bit ?

  3. Father Ted Whalensky says:

    So The Premier ordered excessive Police Violence ? So Police Violence is OK so long as it’s not EXCESSIVE ? You sure this Violence wasn’t just the little dear Policeymens using their initiative ?

  4. Owen allen says:

    Australia is not country we think it is. A parochial island continent, just as Tasmanian is an incestual parochial, cronyistic, nepotistic, corrupt island state of Australia. Aussies do not seem to give a shit. When they wake up, it will be too late, and probably is now, re Tasmania, South Australia.

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