Will the legal system in Australia make 2022 a year of reform?

Andrew L Urban.

A legal system not subject to independent scrutiny is weakened, inhibited from needed reform, and hindered in the evolution to keep in step with other institutions and community values. 

Why are criminal cases falling foul of the same weaknesses that produced miscarriages of justice 30, 40 years ago?

Why do appeals take so long to get to court that justice is badly dented?

Why are police and forensic services still joined at the hip when we know that the proximity delivers toxicity in the form of sub-standard or biased results?

Why are prosecutors not prevented from taking serious criminal cases to court where the evidence is circumstantial and weak?

Why do some judges accept unethical prosecutorial behaviour at trial? Why is no training mandated for newly appointed judges?

Why has the legal establishment failed to monitor its weaknesses and faults when all other institutions are open to scrutiny and encouraged to reform where necessary?

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3 Responses to Will the legal system in Australia make 2022 a year of reform?

  1. John S says:

    We sadly don’t live in a real democracy anyway, the Gov Gen has powers beyond the govt of the day, & isn’t elected nor accountable to anyone (save perhaps the Queen). What hope can that give us in having any govt run thing being truly accountable to the people (the ones who pay for it).

    But let’s keep trying for a CCRC at least.

  2. owen allen says:

    Yeah Andrew as time ticks by we can only get stronger, more knowledgeable and initiate democratic response. I certainly are not leaving it up to you, Eve and the scholars to right Australia’s wrongs of Justice which we call INJUSTICE. I have 30 years invested of hard work, pain and suffering, and the PM is ultimately responsible for all people living in Australia. I am a proud Kiwi, son of ANZACS, permanent resident. I never considered my problems might have been discriminatory, but we know how Australia treats New Zealanders, unlike vice versa. In fact I have stated before, in Tasmania I dug in, just like the ANZACS in the trenches. I had no choice. I am with you all the way, ” Over the top, when the time is right; I am in the trench prepping mind and soul.” Thank all of you resistance for giving my life purpose, otherwise I am just more dung n the heap.

  3. Rodger Warren says:

    Hi Andrew
    All excellent questions.
    Please keep asking the same questions, until somebody listens and then improves the system.
    Take care
    Rodger Warren

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