Sue Neill-Fraser appeal not before 2020

The Sue Neill-Fraser appeal will not be heard until next year (2020). Directions hearing at 4 pm today was before Wood J., Coates and Shapiro  for the Crown. Chris Carr for Sue Neill Fraser appeared from Melbourne via video. Her lawyers have until 28 October to get their appeal book index in (and appeal books shortly thereafter) and the DPP has until 20 December to consider it and get his material in. Extra time might be needed re Agreed Facts. Early iIndications are that the appeal may go for one to two weeks. Wood indicated that it appeared that the appeal would go ahead in early 2020. Her Honour set the matter down for a directions hearing to check progress for 4 pm on 12 November 2019.

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  1. anthony brownlee says:

    The Police just cannot permit this matter to proceed, the fall out will be massive! The next few weeks will be most interesting. Do not be surprised if the Governor directs the release of Sue and the “charge is withdrawn” thereby avoiding the appeal hearing and exposure of evidence. Clearly at the appeal if it proceeds which I doubt, Voss will be forced to answer the defence, the Crown cannot permit this to occur.

    • Roscoe says:


      But Anthony, your sentiments will not have any bearing on the case. Or legally, could they?

      You, Anthony are just one of many. Like us, confounded by the “system”.

      Brave Eve. Looking forward to going to the Elsternwick Cinema on Sunday to see her story at 4.30. With fellow travellers, four of us.

      xxx Sue

  2. Tony Brownlee says:

    Beyond reasonable doubt! Not on your life in Tasmania!

  3. M says:

    I’m so sorry that this happened to you Sue (and to your entire family).
    I truly hope that you are released as soon as possible.
    Shame on you Tasmania.

  4. Williambtm says:

    It is rightful by the Tasmanian people to no longer give credibility or even an acknowledgement to both Tasmania’s State Governor and State Attorney General.
    I allege that these 2 highly respected offices of our State have overtly refused to recognize the prejudice and extreme bias held and exercised in this State’s Supreme Court, by its appointed Judiciary and its officials.
    It is, albeit quite overdue, an appropriate time for the above-referred to State Legal Authority’s to come forward and answer for their reticence in recognizing the shortcomings in Tasmania’s Justice System.
    The people of Tasmania are now waiting for an action by the above.

  5. Geoffrey R Hardy says:

    I once imagined that in a truly just and honest system where mistakes and miscarriages of justice occurred those involved would be able to say we got it wrong. Through that, despite human error, they would be applauded for their integrity and real implementation of the care and justice that every citizen deserves. The horror of an unsafe verdict and wrongful incarceration like Sue’s should outweigh any concern for reputation or career which should not be tarnished by acknowledging mistakes and setting them right. How naive I was!

  6. This is a bad situation for the woman named Sue. Sue is a subject of extreme female violence that has been perpetrated against her. You may be interested in the PETITION that I am running – to have Human Rights International Law implemented at the domestic level – see As a subject of International Law, I had used CEDAW at the domestic level + another treaty (Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969 – Article 27 and asked the courts to perform the treaty CEDAW and give me back my marital property from PJD. You can read the narrative on my Petition Site. The judges just did NOT obey the law! Just keep going Sue and never give up.

  7. David Smith says:

    Why are all surprised – Corruption is the norm in Tasmania – Corruption goes to the Top of the Police and Government – the people who should be held responsible are the Police involved – Politicians – any Senior Public Servants – the Courts – but they won’t be because they are incharge of the coverups – they are the ones responsible – so an Innocent person stays in Prison. Police aren’t interested in catching a Murderer roaming the Streets – The biggest problem here is that those in charge of the Investigation have to admit they got it wrong – and they will never do that because they are the Bully Boys who never make mistakes – they have been given Awards for doing such a Good Job. They are dirty to the core.

  8. Robin Bowles says:

    Yes to everything already said!

  9. Gruntle Massey says:

    Im surprised the appeal is estimated to be of a possible two weeks duration. If you have a person , whose DNA was located at the scene, and is giving evidence that her acquaintances were on board the Four Winds that same night, and they were responsible for the attacking and killing Bob Chappell, what more do you need? What on earth do they intend to discuss for ten days?

  10. LB says:

    Another Christmas in jail for Sue – utterly disgraceful. Words fail me.

  11. Tom Cairns says:

    Never a word about the person who was on the yacht with Meagan Vass and who apparently did the crime and whose apprehension would abolish any need for any appeal.
    Never a word!

  12. Williambtm says:

    One person dreading the pending SNF appeal, may be the former DPP who was also responsible for the absence of any exculpatory evidence. I believe this matter alone will be of serious consternation to all the Judiciary that were involved in the conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser, hence the laggardly and unending cavalcade of delays.

  13. Di Kemp says:

    The wheels turn very slowly in Tasmania!!!! In the meantime, the Governor and Attorney General are able to make a recommendation for home detention but they do not act. WHY?????
    Everyone but Sue goes home to their family each night and doesn’t give a thought for Sue while she sits in prison – it sucks!!!

    • Roscoe says:

      Di Kemp, she, like you are a woman. And I am a man and my wife cannot believe how the system cruels her (Sue).
      It should be easy to bring all of this forward for the benefit of Justice.
      Her Honour set the matter down for a directions hearing to check progress for 4 pm on 12 November 2019.
      Funny, if she had pleaded guilty at that time of her arrest and Bob’s disappearance, she may well be “out’ now. That is a consideration overlooked.
      She, Sue, has been steadfast in her innocence.

    • Lee says:

      Just goes to show how dodgy the Tasmanian government and cops are

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