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Katheleen Folbigg – science misunderstood, legal issues scrambled

The Australian Academy of Science issued a strongly worded statement (24/3/2021) immediately challenging the Court of Appeal’s rejection of Kathleen Folbigg’s appeal*, re-stating “there are medical and scientific explanations for the death of each of Kathleen Folbigg’s children”. But the … Continue reading

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Kathleen Folbigg – science fobbed off; how the law gets a bad name

Andrew L. Urban. When science clashes with the courts and science loses, the rule of law also loses – not to mention public confidence in the criminal justice system. 

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Kathleen Folbigg – science to the rescue … maybe

Andrew L. Urban Science – the word, that is – has been bandied about a lot lately, from climate change arguments to Covid restrictions and in the criminal justice system. Now the latter faces a major test: will our legal … Continue reading

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